APAL Scholarships

 Each spring APAL awards a scholarship to a student who will be starting college or other post high school training from an accredited institution in following academic year.    


  1. More than one scholarship may be given.  The amounts of the awards may vary but will not exceed $500.00.
  2. Applicants must be graduating seniors enrolled in the Albany Unified School District.  Preference will be given to current or former members of the Albany Police Activities League.
  3. Awards will be based on:
    1. Leadership
    2. Character reference (1 letter)
    3. Participation in clubs/organizations in leadership capacities
    4. Community service
    5. An effective written essay describing your interests and current activities, as well as your plans for your continuing education and future goals.  All essays require a handwritten signature.
  4. Applicants must submit a completed application within the deadline frame specified in the application.  Late applications are not accepted.  The deadline to submit the application is May 8, 2023.
  5. Applications must be returned to the Scholarship Committee, Albany Police Activities League, 1000 San Pablo Ave. Albany CA 94706.
  6. The members of the Albany Police Activities League scholarship committee will select the recipients.
  7. Final selections will be announced by May 22, 2023.  Recipients will be notified by email.  An official letter of notification will be mailed soon thereafter.
  8. Upon receipt of an official notice of enrollment for the fall semester, a check for the Scholarship amount will be issued.  Request for payment must be received no later than Wednesday, November 1, 2023.

Previous Recipients Include:

2007 Tracy Hua

2009 Yesenia Vasquez

2010 Ceylan Yagmur

2011 Brandon Bushby

2011 Amanda Seaborne

2012 Garrett Krebs

2012 Ruben Villasenor

2013 Kymberly Ikeda

2014 Anna Lee

2016 Jack Ely

2017 Cody Rapella

2018 Josh Tang

2020 Allison Marten

2021 none

2022 Ben Tang

2022 Alyssa Cheung

2022 Maggie Paulovich