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LeagueTournament 2010

Wrestling practice is held on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 3:45 - 5:00 in the Albany High School wrestling room. There will be a tournament at Concord Youth Center on Oct 15.  The Oakland Battle of the Bay Tournament will be on Oct. 29  and the League Championships held in Benicia on Nov. 5. 


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League Tournament 2010

Coach Kermit teaching technique

"I enjoyed the fun of it.  I liked the experience.  It was also fun to win a medal.  It took up time form being bored at home.  It was a lot of fun."

"Phenomenal experience!  Coaches are to be commended for their excellent skills, patience, and love for the kids."

Coach Bankson teaching proper techniques

"It's all about the kids!  Everyone involved only has the kid's welfare in mind."

"I appreciated that my son has a positive experience with the police.  At this age it's great that in his rebellious stage of life he can have this."


"APAL goes WAY beyond the sport of wrestling.  It unites our community, provides mentors for our kids and keeps the kids busy learning positivie skills.  Thank you APAL."

"Thank you - it has been one of the best sports experiences ever for my son, and has given him new confidence and confirmation that he is capable of being part of a team with varying abilities. This has been a huge step forward for him and his entire family is very proud, and extremely impressed with your coaches".



"I'm so impressed with the quality of the coaching.  (They) take all kinds of kids and build a harmonious supportive team.  What a benefit to the community."





League Championship, CYC  2015

League Champions: Stephan Panian, Brandon Reynolds, Ben Bac Sierra, Gurleen Bhullar, James Hogan

2nd Place: Itzel Galaviz, Matilda Ayala, Margarita Bac Sierra
3rd Place: Max Wirsig
4th: Ben Tang


 Diablo Middle School Folkstyle League Results 2014

Results for Benicia Tournament
1st place
Mekhi Brown, Nathan Ferguson, Itzel Galaviz, Walker Hicks, Tiam Kermanshahi, Brandon Reynolds, Daisy Simpson and Jason Wood, Walker Hicks
2nd place
Matilda Ayala, Kian Ehysie, Jasmin Galvarro, Kolomona Irvine, Oscar Leimbach, Sundar Thomas, Tiffany Wong, Noah Segura, Julian Walls
3rd place
Jimmy Hogan, Justin Kent, Angelina Maldonado, Eliana Pollick, Ben Tang


Battle of the Bay Result
1st Place
Matilda Ayala, Kolomona Irvine, Shiloh Perez-Miller, Brandon Reynolds, Tiam Kermanshahi
2nd Place
Margarita Bac Sierra, Kian Ehysie, Itzel Galaviz, Angelina Maldonado, Stephan Panian, Bennett Ronay, Daisy Simpson
3rd Place
Gurleen Bhullar, Justin Kent, Isaac Salzman, Ben Tang, Sundar Thomas
4th Place
Ben Bac Sierra, Mekhi Brown, Julian Walls, Noah Segura
Ist Place

Diablo League Wrestling Tournament Results

1st Place

Tiam Kermanshahi, Stephan Panian, Daisy Simpson, Tiffany Wong, Margarita Bac Sierra

2nd Place
Matilda Ayala, Ben Bac Sierra, Kian Ehysie, Walker Hicks, Kolomona Irvine (filling out another form), Brandon Reynolds, Bennett Ronay, Isaac Salzman, Josh Sloan

3rd Place
Gurleen Bhullar, Mekhi Brown, Eliana Pollack, Sundar Thomas, Ben Tang

4th Place
Nathan Ferguson

2nd Place Team






 Diablo League Tournament Results (October 29, 2012)

League Champions included. Roman Arechiga-Mendes, Austin Basye, Unubold Buyannemekh, Yeshi Choedon, Christopher Mowdey, Erik Nelson, Tiffany Wong, Ben Bac-Sierra

2nd place: Yara Eiyan, Cy MerMer, Joshua Tang, Lkhadorj Lkhagvasuren, James Hogan

3rd place: Elizabeth Alvarado, Merissa Arechiga, Angelo Gilbert, Maria Krashna, Edward McKenna, Thomas McMahon, Karen Morales, Miga Damdinbzar, Nico Chavez, Ben Tang

4th place: Tiam Kermanshi, Nathaniel Rhodes, Owen Knowles, Margarita Bac-Sierra

Team: Girls placed 1st in K-6th grade and also 7th grade


Tournament results from the CYC Tournament, October 20.  Congratulation to all participants

1st place: Arechiga Marissa, Roman Arechiga-Mendes, Nathaniel Rhodes
2nd: Yeshi Choedon, Erik Nelson, Garrison Pennington
3rd: Cy MerMer, Christopher Mowdy, Lkhadorj Lkhagvasuren
4th: Maria Krashna, Josh Tang

Tournament results from Battle of the Bay, October 13.  Congratulations to all who participated.

1st place:Marissa Arechiga, Roman Arechiga-Mendes, Yeshi Choedon, Erik Nelson, Owen Knowles

2nd place: Maria Krashna, Nathaniel Rhodes, Lkhadorj Lkhagvasuren, Karma Wangchook, Tiffany Wong, Jimmy Hogan, Miga Damdinbzar

3rd place:Elizabeth Alvarado, Tiam Kermanshi, Edward McKenna, Cy MerMer, Matthew Shear, Joshua Tang, Ben Tang

Team: 3rd


Congratulations to all of the wrestlers who participated in the Benicia Torunament on October 6

1st place:Marissa Arechiga, Roman Arechiga Mendes, Christopher Mowdy,
Erik Nelson, lkhadorj lkhagvasuren, Ben Bac-Sierra

2nd:Maria Krashna, Garrison Pennington, Nathaniel Rhodes, Jimmy Hogan, Margarita Bac-Sierra

3rd:Austin Basye, Edward McKenna,

4th:Tiam Kermanshi, Joshua Tang, Ben Tang, Tiffany Wong, Arthur Cruz, Miga Damdinbzar


Coach Quincy gives direction


Meets:  Competitors will wrestle in their grade levels of similar weights, although there can be exceptions,  Girls will wrestle other girls but have the option to compete against boys.

Tournaments: Competitors will wrestle in the grade level at similar weights, although there may be exceptions,  Girls will compete in a separate division or at grade level and weight against boys.


League Tournament

League Tournament 2010

Coach Rose watching practice

Coach Quincy